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     American composer and multi-instrumentalist, Brady Cagle bridges the gap between stimulating sound design and dancefloor-shaking rhythm with this experimental music project, Flintwick.

Equipped with organic textures and liquid bass, his funky "slip-glitch" sounds are a refreshing take on electronic music as a whole; melding influence from multifarious genres such as funk, jazz, psybass, trap and world into a mind-bending extravaganza. 

      Known for his work in the Arkansas-Midwest funk/ jam scene (Keyboardist for Deep Sequence/ Brady Cagle Live Looping), Cagle channels over 7 years of music production knowledge into this project.  Instruments in his arsenal include keyboard, mandolin, sitar, dobro, bass, dulcimer, violin, and multiple synthesizers. Add that together, throw some 808's, water splashes, and glitchy polyrhythms on it and get ready to dance. 

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